Oh My Heavens. Really? – I Welcome You!

Oh, my heavens, I have two unsolicited blog followers.  Wow, how did that happen? What a wonderful surprise! Not knowing the true inner workings of blogging and blog development, I just developed one by accident.  I accept this blogging challenge with open arms.  And with luck, maybe blogging success will come my way.  I’ve been wanting to start a blog for quite some time now, but never made it happen because:

  1. RE: my writing – I have fear and the need for perfection right out of the gate. Fear and instant perfection don’t mix well; but, they can stop you dead in your tracks before you even get started. The fear comes from me not trusting my writing and editing skills. Although, I do like to write, though sometimes I feel defeated because it takes me a really to have a somewhat polished product. When I just write and go back to read it, yikes, it’s shockingly bad.  To edit is like putting a 10,000 all one color piece jigsaw puzzle together in 4 hours. If I’m serious about entering the writing biz world, I need to release myself from these negative behaviors and just write, write, write.  Right?
  2. RE: my technology skills – are close to infancy.  I do not know how to get pictures from to computer. Now that I’m officially starting this blog, learning how to do this is now a top priority. I’ve never done Twitter. My Facebook accounts (yes, plural, I have 2 – also by accident) are bare bone utilization. I’ve tried to merge the 2 and even asked someone else to try – but no cigar. I’m living in Mosh,Tanzania, I purchased a printer here and asked someone to hook it up – failure. I don’y know why, maybe because my computer is from the U.S. and the is from Tanzania. The quality of things in Tanzania is not the same as things in the U.S. So in order for me to make copies, I have to everything on a USB memory stick and bring it into town (a 45 minute brisk walk). Then my memory stick gets infected with viruses and when the internet people try to de-virus it, everything that I’ve saved gets lost.  GRRRR!

Internet network connection is a big problem. Connection is through an internet                stick; every month I purchase 5GB for  15,000 (promotional price) or 35,000 (reg.                price) Tshilling ($7 to $16USD).  Connection is sporadic; I can lose connection 1, 2, or          3 times within an hour. Or it’s so weak that I can’t download programs, like                        Windows 10 – I would surpass my 5GB and then some. Wi-Fi is still new and not                widely available.  If there’s no power, there’s no Wi-Fi.

My email is Gmail – I do not know how to create circles. I tried once and I think I did          something that moved my Gmail list to Google. However, my Google list lists 100                contacts; but I really have 300 in total.  Periodically, I send out updates about my                expat escapades, with no circles in place, this is how I send out my updates: a, aa,              ab, ac…b, ba, bb, bc…c, ca, cb, cc, etc., etc. throughout the entire alphabet. Having c            circles in place would be a time-saving gift. Laugh if want; I deserve it. I’m                          confident that one far away day, I will conquer this technology stuff.

3.  RE: my living in Tanzania – living in an underdeveloped country presents a host of            issues, 2 of which are Zap and Chug. Yep, Zap and Chug are 2 of Tanzania’s most                notorious monsters. They been around since my arrival in 2012, but for the last 6                months they’ve been wreaking havoc on the Tanzania’s citizens and have stymied              Tanzania’s potential growth. Zap has raped this country of its electric power.  Chug            has drunk Tanzania pretty to dry. Power outages and water shortages are an almost            daily occurrence. Maybe 1 or 2 days per week we’ll have both power and water. No              power limits my computer, phone, microwave, toaster oven, IPod and Nook use and            my ability to make copies in town. As for water, I’m lucky, I have a water tank. But,            that’s not always a guarantee, my tank has run dry 5 times in the 3 years I’ve been              here. When that happens I live by the bucket, water given to me by my landlords.

How do I handle these short comings? I’m generally okay, because there’s nothing I          can do.  However, every now and then, I do feel the need to swear and I do feel my              blood pressure rise. I’m shocked. Tanzanians seem so passive. In the U.S. protests              galore would happen and heads would roll. I asked my landlady why, she said,                   “Tanzanians are stupid. Kenyans would not stand for this.” I also asked a high school         guy, he said, “It’s because Tanzanians are really scared of the heavy handed tactics             of the police.” How would you handle all these outages and shortages?

RE: me in brief – My mane is Betsy Byrd. I hail from Chicago. My current residence is Moshi, Tanzania; I’ve been living here for just over 3 years. Sadly, my expat experiment has turned into a fiasco, but I’ve also had some great experiences. My finances are in shambles. I’m trying to figure out how to earn income, so that I can stay. I have 4 wonderful dogs, Daddy Dog (really his name, my precious protector-in-chief), Mommy Dog (really her name, my sweetheart), Angel (my lovable destructive escape artist) and E.T. (my goofy hunk of meatball).

For now, my plan of attack for this blog is to share my life happenings, opinion and thoughts, which will include, but not limited to: parent care, parent house clearing; a newbie writer testing the waters, getting my BA at the ripe old age of 55, cross-cultural volunteering, cultural and self awareness, my expat experiment (eventually hoping to turn it into a memoir), my travels and random mish-mash. I’m hoping people will be able relate to my postings, which with luck will be provoke thought and create dialogue or maybe just a quiet thought.

Asante sana (thank you very much-Kiswahili) to my two followers, S.W. Biddulph and Marilyn L. Davis, both from Two Drops of Ink, for motivating me to start my blog; I am truly thankful.

Signing off. Take care. Until we meet again.